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Dual Occupancy & Town Planning

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Multi-Dwelling Developments

Make the most of your large block.

Own a property but don’t quite know what to do with it, or maybe you want to build your wealth by developing property. This can be daunting… dealing with council, titles office, advisors, architects… and that’s all before you see a builder! Optimal Homes will manage the whole process for you. Our service allows you to maximise the potential of your property. Our in-house architect and a team of specialised town planners for your area, will ensure that the designs are within your budget. This gives you the security that the designs are achievable and efficient, and we provide estimates of the whole process up front, so there are no surprises. Call us today to find out what multi-unit design we can build on your block!

Washington Duplex

Washington 44

Per Dwelling:
Bed: 3 Bath: Garage: 2
409.80 m²
44.10 SQ
Width 7.50 m
Length 27.68 m
Min. Block Width 8.50 m

Gallipoli Duplex

Gallipoli 25

Per Dwelling:
Bed: 3 Bath: Garage: 1
234.00 m²
25.19 SQ
Width 7.27 m
Length 22.14 m
Min. Block Width 8.50 m

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Rivoli Duplex

Rivoli 14

Unit 1                                                  Unit 2
Bed: Bath: 3  Garage: 1         Bed:Bath: Garage: 1
141.28 m²                                         120.86 m²
15.21 SQ                                           13.00 SQ
Width 8.61 m                                  Width 8.07 m
Length 17.20 m                              Length 16.70 m
Min. Block Width 9.50 m          Min. Block Width 8.50 m

Westgate Dual Occupancy

Westgate 26/18

Unit 1                                                   Unit 2
Bed: Bath: 3  Garage: 1          Bed:Bath: Garage: 1
245.10 m²                                          173.97 m²
26.38 SQ                                            18.72 SQ
Width 12.63 m                                Width 9.98 m
Length 16.61 m                               Length 13.18 m
Min. Block Width 14.50 m        Min. Block Width 14.50 m

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Rear Lot Development

Invest in your own backyard.

Multi Unit Town Planning Process, Quotation and Construction

Invest in your own backyard.

Optimal Homes offers Dual Occupancy solutions for home owners and astute investors. Our professional executives work closely with you to ensure the best possible solution for your Dual Occupancy, Back Yard Investment or Multi Unit development project. Optimal Homes has many designs – both single storey, split level and double storey, to suit your project. We also allow the freedom and flexibility to change our designs and/or customise a plan to suit your needs.*

We offer an all Inclusive A to Z Dual Occupancy Solution Including –

  • Feasibility Study
  • Concept Designs
  • Customization
  • Town Planning
  • Permits
  • Fixed Price Quotations
  • Finance
  • Construction

Call us now to meet with our senior executive for an obligation free consultation to discuss your goals and designs for your town planning project! Numerous common questions regarding your dual occupancy or multi unit project will be answered.

Our 5 Easy Steps

Step 1. Feasibility Assessment – 2 weeks*

Our designer/planner will visit your site to assess the feasibility of your proposed project. we will provide you with a report outlining feasibility and proposal. Our town planning specialist will then contact you and go through the options with you.

Step 2. Preliminary Design Report – 3-4 weeks*

Our designer will prepare a preliminary concept design floor plan and report. We will provide you with an initial “Ball Park”, building estimate for your project.

Step 3. Town Planning Application Process and Lodgement to Council – 6 weeks*

You will have the opportunity to meet with our designer to discuss your project and continue working with him/her throughout the design process toward receiving your Planning Permit and endorsed plans. Our planner will lodge the Town Planning proposal and documents with the council for planning approval.

Design services include and not limited to –

  • Presenting a preliminary design to Council
  • Providing amendments to the preliminary design
  • Providing all necessary town planning drawings
  • Preparation and lodgement of the town planning application with Council
  • Advertising of project
  • Attendance at Council and liaison with planning officers
  • Managing your application through Council, including attendance at pre/post-lodgement meetings
  • Planning amendments as required

Design services do not include 3rd party costs such a SDA assessment, landscape Plan, drainage plan, permit and advertising fees.

Step 4. Quotation Process

Once the planning permit and council endorsed plans are received, we will provide you with a “Fixed Price” quotation for the construction of your project. As part of this stage, full working drawings need to be completed, this is covered under our preliminary services agreement.

Step 5. Construction

There is no waiting period with us! Our Master builder will commence construction of your project within 21 days from contract signing and receipt of building permit.

* Timing mentioned above is indicative and subject to council requirements, site specifics and time of year.
**Conditions Apply