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Sloping Land / Split Level Home Builders


Build a unique home for your unique block

Our unique designs offer modern style and functionality and are specially designed according to the land. No matter the slope, size or angle of the land, there is design to take advantage of it! The split level home is spacious with a relaxed, open-plan feel and a clever layout that allows you to take advantage of the surrounding views.

Every split level home we design and build is unique. A split level home has the potential to maximise the available land while keeping constructions costs comparatively low. Call us today to find out what design we can build on your sloping block!

sloping block house designs Melbourne
Barrington Split Level Home

Barrington 42

Bed:4 Bath: Garage: 2
387.50 m²
41.71 SQ
Width 13.15 m
Length 22.04 m
Min. Block Width 16.00 m

Liverpool Sloping Block Home

Liverpool 34

Bed:4 Bath: Garage: 2
324.15 m²
34.89 SQ
Width 8.88 m
Length 17.80 m
Min. Block Width 12.00 m

Nola Split Level Home

Nola 34

Bed:3 Bath: Garage: 2
311.18 m²
33.50 SQ
Width 13.17 m
Length 17.43 m
Min. Block Width 16.00 m

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