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We have something for everyone.

With over 30 stylish and functional designs to choose from, there’s a design in the Optimal Homes range for you. Whether you’re single, a couple, a family or a smart investor, there’s a design to suit every need and every budget. All of our designs consider Green Building concepts and maximise the features and space, so you get the best possible home and the best value for your money. Our designs are ready to go as is. Our engineering and our working drawings are already completed. This means you’ll save money and can choose from a wide range of optional features.

All of our existing designs can also be modified with your ideas and specially tailored by our in-house architect, for your family’s needs and requirements! With the talents of our in-house architect included in the price of your home, you’ll get the best design without having to pay the high rates that independent architects charge. We will consider your budget and work closely with you to design and build a home you will love. Just bring us your idea or sketch and we will work together to make your home come to life!

Building Process


Step 1 – Initial Consultation

Our first meeting will begin with a friendly chat to establish your needs, any ideas you have about your new home and your budget requirements. A design will be selected with all necessary modifications given your preferences. An indicative price will be provided at this early stage



Step 2Quotation
A preliminary fee is payable to proceed, this is to cover costs of:

Drawing Plans
Soil Test & Foundation Engineering
Structural Engineering
Energy Report
Property Information Searches


Step 3 – Design and Selections of Consultation

We review the plans and will finalise your facade selection as well as the internal finishes and internal specification. We will go through the potential concept drawings (eg. kitchen design), and a selection of swatches. We will review all of the preliminaries in point 2 and advise if they have any impacts on the design or price of the home.


Step 4 – Fixed Price Presentation

We will present you with the final price for your home, full specifications and plans. We will explain the final price, plans, specification and contract particulars.


Step 5 – Contract

You would then sign the contract and arrange for the payment of the deposit indicated on the contract.

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