Specialist in building dual occupancy homes

As specialists in multi and dual occupancy homes in Melbourne, you can feel confident that our team at Optimal will maximise your property’s potential. Building two or more properties on a single block is, without a doubt, the best and smartest decision to get the most out of your property investment.

Whether you want to live in one of the dwellings and passively earn income off leasing the second dwelling, or, you want an independent space to live with your older children or elderly parents, dual living is the right solution for you.

Optimal Homes has helped many satisfied clients in Melbourne to build their ideal home as well as another to either share, rent or sell. Our experienced team and in-house architect will guide you to build the best dual occupancy house design that maximises your space and money. Single-storey and double storey options can be considered for this styles of homes. 

Dual Occupancy Designs

Are you interested in building two or more separate properties on the same block of land? Whether you are a first home buyer, a builder, an investor, or a family looking for extra space, a dual occupancy home can be a profitable alternative to anyone looking to make money from property. 

At Optimal Homes, we can bring our expertise in building dual occupancy homes to help you find the best right design to fulfil your requirements. We invite you to explore our wide range of dual occupancy homes. All our existing designs can also be modified with your ideas at no extra cost, our talented in-house architect will ensure we build a home that meets your unique needs and expectations. At Optimal Homes, we are always happy to work with you to build the home you have always dreamed of.

Get in touch with one of our home specialists to discuss dual occupancy home options.

Dual Occupancy Homes Inspiration

We understand how important it is that your home fulfil your lifestyle and personal needs. Optimal Homes offers you alternatives to personalise every space of your dual occupancy home.

Whether you like traditional or modern design, in our portfolio you are sure to find something to suit your tastes from our collection of home designs.

Take a look through some of our modern dual occupancy homes and get inspired to start putting together your truly unique, ideal home today.

dual occupancy homes in Melbourne by Optimal Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I build a dual occupancy home?

Dual occupancy homes can be a fantastic opportunity to earn a passive income with you living on one side of the block while renting out the other. 

Dual occupancy homes are also an excellent alternative for extended families or relatives that want to share their living area while keeping independence.

What is the building process for a dual occupancy home?

Choosing Optimal Homes as your new home builder is the easiest way to have your dream dual occupancy home without dealing with multiple contractors, worrying about site planning and designs, or doing any of the construction yourself.
The building process for a multi or dual occ home is exactly the same that the one for our other home designs. Check the building process here, and get started now.

What is the difference between duplex and dual occupancy homes?

The land of dual occupancy homes cannot be subdivided. It means you will have a shared living arrangement under one building title. On the other hand, duplex homes imply two separate houses with individual building titles.

What are the main benefits of dual occupancy living?

Dual occupancy homes are an attractive option for owners occupiers and investors as well. If you are looking for enough space for your whole family and elderly relatives under the same roof but still want to enjoy your privacy, then this is the perfect alternative. Also, If you need to boost the potential of your property by renting one side of your property or both and pay off your home loan faster, dual occupancy is the solution.

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